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Overview and Specifications:

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Gender : Male
Item Type : HDMI
Model Number : W152

1: with power supply with audio: support all HDMI interface devices (Onda and some cottage Tablet PC because the HDMI output is not active, it can not be used, Andrews system: 4.02 or more can be used)
2´╝ÜFirst of all explain the purpose of this line, HDMI to VGA this converter is widely used, as long as it is HDMI input need to be converted into VGA devices can be used, including HD boxes, HD set-top boxes, millet boxes Apple ITV DVD projector Game consoles include: WIIU PS3 XBOX360 can be converted into VGA signal to your monitor or TV or projection use.
XBOX360 on the use of the situation, here to explain in detail, the general market now XBOX360VGA line, basically no way to achieve full HD 1080P effect, most of them are only up to ~ 720P effect and the focus is ghosting or not clear, At present, the best solution is to convert VGA signal to VGA signal through HDMI interface, the conversion effect is perfect and there is no difference between direct connection with HDMI cable, no distortion is absolutely no ghosting. This converter needs to be connected to a VGA cable used by the computer (buy time to understand clearly to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding)
The bottom of the XBOX360 connection diagram can refer to:
HDMI to VGA with audio conversion head, support for 1080P signal input

Product Features:
Convert the complete HDMI signal to VGA video
Built-in chip, the real digital signal is converted to analog signals
Support HDMI1080P with HDCP KDY
Support audio output
Quick installation, simple operation, no need to set.
Built-in conversion chip, hot swappable.
Links directly to the device power supply, if necessary, an external power supply (5V DC interface) Notebooks, ** After measured without the need to receive 5V power supply
HDMI video input format: 480i / 576i / 480p / 576p / 720p / 1080i / 1080p
VGA video output format: 640×480 ~ 1920×1200, all common resolution
Applicable to all display devices with HDMI, such as PC, DV, tablet, MP4, XBOX360, PS3, WIIU, etc.
Package includes:
HDMI to VGA video converter x1
AV audio cable x1
usb charging cable x1
Size: 56.1mm * 26.8mm * 21.5mm

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